Art Advisor

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Our main objective is to aid and advise the art collector, while providing local, national and international guides that accompany the pieces and collections for any party interested in the field. Guidance is individually personalized and suggested by us with the purpose of providing better information when purchasing a masterpiece.
We posses the experience and knowledge necessary to advise on details regarding museum, gallery, and exposition visits, as well as consultation on trips to iconic artistic cities all around the world.
Our fundamental focus lies on Contemporary Art, working in conjunction with a pool of artists and their corresponding work, all of who were selected by our team, whom we present in this site.


+ Complete panorama of contemporary art
+ Personalized attention based on the necessities and preferences of each client in terms of buying, selling, putting together a collection, or in the purchase of a special piece of art
+ Consulting and development services of art collections: private, public, or Institutional.
+ Consultation in museology, restoration and maintenance of artwork.
+ Quarterly updates for exposition collectors, media articles about the artists obtained through a national and international media data, as well as from exhibition catalogues.
+ Exhibitions/guided visits to workshops and international viewings


+ Organization of expositions of the artists we work with, both in our private space, or in cultural centers and museums
+ Visits to the artists workshops
+ Guide and accompany clients to national and international fairs
+ Production, edition and publication of books and catalogues of our artists
+ Educational courses about art and curatorship for art collectors