Los Rébora [The Reboras]

Artists: Ana Luisa, Roberto, Ballo, Cecilia
Date: Saturday, december 10th, 2022
Time: 11:30am
Location: Raúl Anguiano Museum. Av. Mariano Otero 375, Guadalajara, Jalisco, México


Vlady: Revolución y Disidencia [Revolution and dissent]

Artists: Silvia Vázgez Solsana, Roberto Rébora, Octavio Moctezuma, Inda Saenz.
Date: Thursday, november 17th, 2022
Time: 17:00 hours
Location: Justo Sierra 16 / San Ildefonso 33. Centro Histórico (downtown), Mexico City
The exhibition inaugurated on September 8 at the school of San Ildefonso, remembers the Russian-Mexican muralist, draftsman and engraver on the centenary of his birth.

Within the framework of the cycle of conversations, Roberto Rébora, disciple of Vlady, participates sharing his experiences with the master Vlady, as well as his great legacy in the use of the technique of tempera, characteristic of Rébora.

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